A History Of American Express

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A History of American Express

From it's pioneering roots, to the cutting edge global corporation it is today, American Express represents the All American Dream in its complete glory.

We have brought togther an account of the history of this company, from its inception through to its innovative and technologically cutting-edge operation that it is in 2015.


It is a story that reflects true grit and determination, and is the perfect example of how one good idea, the right team of people, and a lot of hard work, can result in bountiful rewards and un-hoped-for success.


The tale travels across the new frontier into two world wars, it's own conquest of Europe and onto world domination. It tells of how it has thwarted organised crime and negotiated with Presidents and the Banks, and won.

Read on to learn about the real-life hero's, who, standing firm in the face of adversity, triumphed over numerous crisis and setbacks, to emerge as some of the most successful businessmen of all time.


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What next? The Spirit of America

The Spirit of America

American Express is the greatest single factor in stimulating American travel abroad. By its promotional advertising and sales in the United States, the comfort and convenience afforded tourists by its skilful planning of trips to Europe, and the services offered them by its 94 offices and sub-offices on that continent, it first produces the will to travel and then provides the facilities for the enjoyment of the trip. This encouragement of American tourism is one more important service which it renders both to America and to other friendly nations.

In the history of American business it has played a role that far transcends any mere moving of people and goods around in the world, or even the aid and comfort it has given to so many Travellers. That role is unofficial American ambassador of good will to the whole world . see: The Spirit of America

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